Cowboy Mickey

Cowboy Mickey

Cowboy Mickey

One of my Dad’s favourite dolls – the 2-GunCowboy Mickey‘, made by Knickerbocker (USA) in 1934. Mickey stands 22″ tall and is the largest of the “Cowboy” range. He features Open Fingers, Soft Felt Shoes and signature ‘Pie-CutOil Cloth Eyes. He even retains his original Rubber Tail. Even though Mickey is missing his original hat and pot-metal guns – he’s still a lot of fun to have around.

The badge/pin on Mickey’s scarf is something my Dad has found to be something quite rare. The unusual “black” metal border/frame is something Dad has never seen before. Made by Lemane (UK) in the early 1930s, and possibly came as a gift in a Pascalls or Rountree lolly packet. A similar pin with slight differences can be found in The Ellis Collection.


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