The Goof

The Goof

The Goof

One of my favourite dolls – ‘The Goof’, made by Charlotte Clark (USA) in the 1939-45 period. Goofy stands approximately 30″ tall and is particularly large in comparison to most dolls. He features Satin hands, Corduroy clothing and Soft Felt Shoes. The Goof being Goofy and-all, lost his hat many years ago, along his travels.

Backside of The Goof
Backside of The Goof

Goofy has been my personal favourite of all the Disney characters since childhood. Going back to when I was 9, in Disneyland with my Dad (2001), I wanted all the GOOFY souvenirs I could find! To this day, I wear my Long Corduroy Pants just like ‘The Goof’, here in the title photograph. Over the years, I have developed my understanding of Disney through my Dad. We both love the same things – and little did we know that one day we would be able to own a piece of history.

This Goofy doll was created by Charlotte Clark in the “war/post-war” years (the materials being a significance here). The following examples are very interesting. Charlotte Clark created patterns for many Disney characters, and in this lot we can see that Goofy was a possibility. There are big and small differences between these four examples, which helps in identifying whether or not Charlotte had a hand in the creation of these particular dolls. Note the “hands” for example. Goofy ‘d’ is the only doll in the lot that most resembles a Charlotte Clark doll, and most likely is.
Dolls ‘a’, ‘b’ & ‘c’ are not completely defined – possibly being originals but repaired somewhat crudely (partly lacking Clark’s finesse in certain areas which is very uncharacteristic of her work). Doll ‘b’ might be a pattern creation, or is just heavily repaired. You would have to study the stitching up close on all dolls (in certain areas), to determine correctly. Charlotte Clark had very a particular style to her craft.

However, some might just vary in age, as ‘The Goof’ could have transitioned in design slightly, over the years.

Walt and his CC chums, beside an ABC TV camera in 1954.
Note the appearance of an awesome Charlotte Clark ‘Peter Pan’ doll – Wow!

Universal Pictures Actress with a CC ‘Goof’ in 1939.

Our ‘Goof’, surprised us this week – as Dad & I decided to study the photographs we could find of the CC Goofy doll. This photograph of Walt holding a Goof, sitting beside Louisa Wallace and his two daughters, Diane & Sharon – was taken for the press, featuring Walt giving advice to his daughters “about their television debut which will take place Christmas Day, Dec. 7, 1950”. This would be Walt Disney’s very first television production ‘One Hour in Wonderland‘ featuring Alice in Wonderland & ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.

The amazing part is that in our study of the above photograph containing ‘The Goof’, we found characteristics extremely similar to that of the doll Walt has in his hands, to our doll in my Dad’s hands. It was unbelievable and hard to comprehend, however after up-close screen-matching for days (with a Hi-Res source), we could not find anything inconsistent other than his missing Felt Hat. An exact match! This particular Goof somehow made it out of the studio, in the arms of a loving caretaker, living in California for 60 years, at which point packed his bags and traveled abroad to Oz, to live next to our Mortimer Snerd Vent Doll.

To think of the stories Goofy could tell – Amazing!

A page from the ‘One Hour in Wonderland’ program.


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