First Shipment

This magical image features Walt in early 1930, surrounded by the very first shipment of Charlotte Clark ‘Mickey Mouse’ dolls – an image which I am fascinated by. In January of 1930, Charlotte and her nephew Bob Clampett created their very first Mickey doll.
Where are these amazing creations?!?

It is wonderful to study this image, and discover the variances between each doll from material to shape, and size of eye – possibly all for Walt to choose from and pick favourable details. The large Dean’s ‘Mickey’ to Walt’s left (title photograph) is brilliant, standing as tall as a baby child would.

In January 2014, my Dad & I (in the midst of our fascination for this particular doll) set out to try and design our own Mickey pattern, inspired by this particular design. Such an elusive doll – we thought we may as well make one for ourselves. In the coming months, I want to share a series of photographs for both the Prototype and #1 edition of my Dad’s pattern.

Mary Pickford with Mickey – 1930.

Even though we experimented and made the effort at creating our own Mickey in homage to Charlotte, our doll will never look or be the same as the real thing. My Dad has kept his eyes open, hoping to see one, for the past 30 years or more. I too, want to see one myself – so to actually see one of these special Mickey’s would make BOTH our dreams come true. If anyone knows where any of these Mickey’s currently live, please do share your information with me. Maybe they’re hiding in the Walt Disney Archives? How wonderful it would be to see and hold one of these chummy fellows!!!


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