This ‘Mickey Mouse’ doll – made by Knickerbocker (USA) in 1934, is the first doll design in Knickerbocker’s “Mickey” series. Mickey stands 12″ tall, features Open Fingers and Soft Felt Shoes – also with a Non-Printed Black Fabric “Curtain” around the face. He is missing his Whiskers and Rubber Tail, but showcases a jolly look. Charlotte Clark’s consultation with Knickerbocker as per Disney’s wishes, turned out superb with this first design in the Knickerbocker soft toy line.

A “cuddle” variation of this particular design featuring Soft Sewn Shoes and Removed Wireframe – was released in tandem with this doll, but was short-lived after 6 months suffering poor sales.

Backside of Mickeybocker
Backside of Mickeybocker

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