Borgfeldt Two

Borgfeldt Two

Borgfeldt Two

This ‘Mickey Mouse’ doll is my Dad’s favourite among all the jolly little fellows. By George Borgfeldt (USA) in 1932, is the second in a series of Three dolls produced by Borgfeldt/Nifty Toys. Mickey stands approximately 12″ tall, features Yellow Felt Hands, Red Cloth Pants and a Black Cloth Body – complete with Mother of Pearl Buttons and printed Facial Features. He even retains a part of his original Rubber Tail.

Boy holding a “Borgfeldt Two” Mickey [1932].

Standing along-either-side of my Mickey are two special items. A ‘Steamboat Williewhistling Birthday Card I received with this doll, and a cool little wooden character I spotted among the clutter at a local junk fair (the day my Mum broke her back).

Here is a larger example of the same doll in velveteen [1932]. Variations mentioned in the following ‘Borgfeldt Three‘ entry.

Again, after rejection by Disney and refusal for Charlotte Clark’s consultation (as recommended by Disney), this second design only lasted a short while due to the lack of quality that Disney desired. Wherein, Borgfeldt created a final ‘third‘ doll design in 1933, which more resembles that of the ‘Steiff’ Mickey Mouse doll.

Backside of Borgfeldt Two
Backside of Borgfeldt Two

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