This ‘Mickey Mouse’ cuddle doll – made by Knickerbocker (USA) in 1934, was released in tandem with the first doll design (‘Mickeybocker‘). Mickey can stand (with assistance) approximately 12″ tall, features Open Fingers and Soft Sewn Shoes & Removed Wireframe – also with a Non-Printed Black Fabric “Curtain” around the face. He is missing his Tail and his face is quite faded, but still exhibits his merry aura. This “cuddle” variation doll was unfortunately short-lived after only 6 months, suffering poor sales.

Along-side this fellow is a special wooden ‘Balancing’ Mickey figure, made by Borgfeldt/Nifty Toys in 1931.

Knickerbocker page in a ‘Mickey Mouse Merchandise’ catalog. Shown are Charlotte Clark dolls – the bottom left ‘Mickey’ sitting down however, appears to be a possible design/prototype Charlotte made for Knickerbocker (under consultation) as per Disney’s wishes.

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