My Dad, David, an Imagineer at heart, is obsessed with the mouse. Since birth, his attraction and love for all things Disney, among many of the great comic and animation screations in history, has developed into an everyday habit and interest in which thy inner-child visits a loyal pal, Mickey.

Over the years, my Dad has become an expert specialist in the field of Disneyana. The amount of incredible information stored in the brain bank my Dad retains, never ceases to amaze me. Every day, something special can be discovered.

In dedication to my Dads passion, Toyland aka ‘Just Plane Crazy’ will serve as a base displaying the vast collection of my Mum and Dad. Over a long period of time, I hope to share knowledge, and rare glimpses into all the intriguing things my Dad has an extreme interest in. Join me as I share related curiosities and segments of history that will surely delight and present fascination to all.

[In Dedication to Walt Disney & the loves of my life, my Mum & Dad.]


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